Learn How To Tie A Bow Like A Pro!

It's easy to learn how to tie a bow!

You can make a perfect bow for your gift baskets and be proud of them!

If you are making bows for the first time; be patient and don't give up.

You can make a beautiful bow either by hand or by using a bowmaking machine.

When I started making gift baskets, my bows were not too pretty so I purchased a bow making machine just to get started.

Once I got the hang of it, I started making my bows by hand. So again, don't give up if you are not the crafty type you can still make a perfect bow for the finishing touch on your gift baskets.

A Few Tips For Bow Making

* Choose your ribbon for your bow. You can choose from the following:

•Wired or unwired • Tulle • Raffia • Organza • Satin • Poly• Fabric ties • Printed or solid

* Select a ribbon color that coordinates and compliments with your gift basket items.

* Use wide widths of ribbon to make bows for larger gift baskets.

* For natural themed gift baskets, choose a neutral or natural color ribbon or tulle.

* Gift baskets for men are usually enhanced with a natural or dark color bow.

* For holiday bows, select a ribbon that coordinates with the holiday or holiday season. For instance, Christmas bows select red, green, gold, white or silver ribbon. Easter, choose pastel color ribbon. Always remember that the ribbon color should compliment or enhance the color of the gift items.

* To tie bows easily, use wire edge ribbon.

* Supplies needed are ribbon (that coordinates with your gift basket items), ribbon scissors, regular scissors and floral wire.

*Use "PULL BOWS" if you are struggling to make bows from scratch. No worries, pull bows are pretty too!

Check out this informative video on HOW TO MAKE A BOW.

You will witness the process on how to make a big and beautiful bow that adds the finishing touch to gift baskets!

Ok, have you learned how to tie a bow?

Do you want to learn how to make puffy bows, tailored bows, floral bows and more?

If so click here for more BOWMAKING ILLUSTRATIONS!

Are you ready to make your own "stunning and professional bows?

Go for it!

Add the finishing touch to your gift basket masterpiece!

Learn How To Make Gift Baskets

Now that you have learned how to MAKE GIFT BASKETS & HOW TO MAKE A BOW are you ready to wrap your gift baskets?

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